Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day One Five One. The Tumor Watch (Update)

Here's an update.

In October, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor known as a Glioblastoma Multiforme.

This type of tumor is always fatal. As one of my doctors, a sports fan, puts it, "It's undefeated."

Depending on what you read, and how you respond to the three forms of treatment -- surgery, radiation and chemo -- life expectancy runs from three months to fifteen.

I had brain surgery December 2 and completed radiation and chemo February 25.

So far, I've experienced no discomfort, pain, or side effects.

I've enjoyed sixty "straight" years of writing about the Air Force and aviation (interrupted only partially by a 25-year stint as a Foreign Service officer.) No one ever had a greater privilege than to write about Americans who fly and fight. I've donated my archives and some cash to charities that I support, including the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum and the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). These groups honor veterans, educate young Americans and inspire the public.

My most popular book is "AIR POWER ABANDONED," the story of the F-22 Raptor, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, General T. Michael Moseley, and Gates's firing of the Air Force leadership.

My murder mystery, "CRIME SCENE: FAIRFAX COUNTY" was published January. Both books can be gotten for Kindle, in print from Amazon, or,  preferably directly from me. Price per book when ordered from me is $22. All proceeds are donated to the Capital Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, a 501(c )(3) charity.

I'm still mostly me. The tumor affects my ability to type and my speech. My speech is fully understandable and I'm urging friends to call at (703) 264-8950. I can still think, read, converse, and be taken out to lunch.

I'm focusing on three projects -- getting our family's personal photos in order, publishing items on this blog about people who've influenced my life, and, yes, completing yet another crime novel.

I have wonderful support from a terrific family plus the comfort of knowing so many friends out there. Thanks to you all.


(703) 264-8950

Robert F. Dorr
3411 Valewood Drive
Oakton VA 22124


  1. Great writing, Robert. I enjoy your occasional post on Friends of Travis McGee.

  2. Good to hear that you are still "there". Sorry I am geographically challenged to take you to lunch. Will call.

  3. We enjoyed our introduction to Famous Dave's and need to do it again soon! Awaiting the second crime novel!

  4. Mr Dorr, GBM may be undefeated, but you need not play to the timeline. I will celebrate my husband's 4th year of survival with him next week! We enjoyed meeting you at the Udvar-Hazy Museum several years ago. Stay strong!

  5. Mr Dorr, GBM may be undefeated, but you need not play to the timeline. I will celebrate my husband's 4th year of survival with him next week! We enjoyed meeting you at the Udvar-Hazy Museum several years ago. Stay strong!

  6. I'm very happy that you are doing well along with that really impressed that even despite your health issues, still going strong with own projects and second novel. Keep up the good work Bob and stay strong!

  7. Thumbs up to you, Bob! You write awesome books!
    Doug Bruner

  8. How goes it, my friend? On day at a time! Ref Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, our C-97 project at olde NAS Floyd Bennett( now Gateway Nat'l Parks System) ready to fly. Got OK ftom FAA for experimental Certificate, moving it to Miller Air Park, in Toms River, Nj. At the moment, we'reattempting to resource fuel and a couple drums of oil for first time "gear up" An exciting time for us after 14 years o'haul in Brooklyn! ALL VOL. WORK FORCE, old timers! Fun n'Sun at Lakeland Fla in 3 weeks. All of Warbirds @ EAA , I'm sure, share in my prayers. Your name is always a Hot Topic with us , all close friends ,avid readers and contributors . Fond regards
    Bob "Mad-ox" Maddox. C-54 & HUP driver.

  9. I'll call you soon. Take care. Terry

  10. Rock on Bob,love the books and you. Hang tough. Love Jeannette

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  12. It is one delayed take off no one will complain about. Go Bob go! You are an inspiration and continue to make this about life and love of others.

  13. Bob, I'm reading Crime Scene: Fairfax County now, and look forward to our next outing in a few days. We'll have lots to talk about! Kathy

  14. Hello Robert, you are my favorite writer on aviation, books and articles. In my opinion you outrank Ernest K. Gann. Aim High US Air Force Mechanic 1968-1972. Get well brother.

  15. I also had a glioblastoma multiforme grade 4. Removed on Feb 15th. My doctors are acting like I might not die. They have not been as blunt about it as your doctors. Caught it early and small so that helps my odds. Back at work for the last 3 weeks, trying to figure out when I should retire. Likely November 2016. Feel normal so far. Was great to read your report about the radiation and chemo going easily for you. That helped me get over some initial anxiety when the same therapy began for me last week. Chemo briefing from a nurse warned me to stop skating & biking. Been doing it anyway but carefully. Thanks Robert. Bill English.