Thursday, April 2, 2015

Welcome To My Blog

Thank you for visiting my site. I'm Robert F. Dorr, or Bob Dorr, or Bob. I'm venturing into alternate history and science fiction with my book Hitler's Time Machine. It's a big step for me. This year, I'll celebrate my 60th anniversary of my first paid publication — in the November 1955 issue of Air Force magazine. I've made many friends writing magazine articles, newspaper columns and books, including a history of B-17 Flying Fortress bomber crews in combat (Mission to Berlin). All of these writings, until now, have been non-fiction. With Hitler's Time Machine — an alternate view of how World War II might have unfolded — I'm making the leap to fiction and inviting you to travel with me. This blog is a new venture for me as well, and is made possible through the artistry of Victor Rook and Rook Communications. Watch this space for insights into history, military stuff, aviation, writing, and — yes — time travel. Enjoy the trip.

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  1. Hitler's Time Machine was a page turner. I am a fan of sci-fi, and especially realistic sci-fi. The historical element of this book made it even more interesting to me. I am very much looking forward to the sequel!!!