Monday, August 3, 2015

Hitler, Hillary, time travel and the F-22

A couple of quick updates.

A prediction: Neither Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush will be the major-party presidential candidates in 2016.

About my alternate history of World War II: "HITLER'S TIME MACHINE," which is actually mostly about Americans, is being well received (mostly) on Amazon. You can get it there in Kindle or in print, or get a signed copy of the print edition from me.

About Gates and the F-22: My book "AIR POWER ABANDONED: ROBERT GATES, THE F-22 RAPTOR AND THE BETRAYAL OF AMERICA'S AIR FORCE" is being published this month. It's not quite ready for pre-order on Amazon in print format although you can pre-order a signed copy of the print edition from me. The Kindle edition is available now, here.

The book is a narrative of the dismantling of America's Air Force, based on research and many interviews with key participants. I have no sense for how much interest there is, so if this looks like something that would interest you, please let me know.

Disclosure: I've said all along that this story of the Defense Secretary

who fired Air Force leaders and cancelled the F-22 Raptor should have been written by a participant, meaning someone else, rather than by an observer, meaning me. Some will not care for this book. Some will feel the author doesn't have enough "insider" knowledge. Some may feel the book is a little expensive.

Someone had to try to tell this story. I've done it to the best of my ability. While a couple of key people did not respond to requests to be interviewed, dozens did respond and only one declined an interview: Robert Gates. The former Defense Secretary's own book, "DUTY," is available for those wanting his account of events.

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  1. Started reading this and enjoying it thoroughly. Detailed and authoritative as one would expect from Bob Dorr. I perhaps shouldn't comment any further until I've finished the book, but I've always had the impression that--in the post-Cold War budgetary environment--the Air Force can be its own worst enemy. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an AF Intel Officer from 04-12, but remember still the colleagues of mine who seemed to show zero interest in the actual wars we were fighting. Likewise, all the way to the top, the AF leadership ruled out from the beginning the idea of new "4.5 Generation" F-15s and F-16s. THAT decision always seemed crazy to me.