Saturday, October 31, 2015

Plans for November

I plan to resume routine activities December 1.

During November, I'm taking time from routine activities to write a novel, as I did in November 2014. I'm hoping the many friends who've supported my writing about the Air Force and aviation will encourage me now that I'm turning to fiction.

A year ago, I took the month of November to write my science-fiction/alternate history of World War II titled "HITLER'S TIME MACHINE." This was my first novel and is a modest success. If you'd like to encourage me as I embark in this new direction, pick up the Kindle edition for yourself or for a Kindle user you know. The link is here. This is a new kind of writing for me—although influenced by my past work in the men's adventure magazines—and I need your encouragement.

I've heard from someone who wants to make a movie of "HITLER'S TIME MACHINE," and that's encouraging.

Each year, thousands of people around the world participate in National Novel Writing Month during November. My plan is to complete a crime novel set in my locality in 1947. The title is "CRIME SCENE: FAIRFAX COUNTY." If someone in your family likes crime novels, you'll want to follow my progress. I'm hoping to get the services of the talented artist and writer Victor Rook to help design the cover. Read about Victor's many achievements here.

On October 21, I posted a blog item about disposing of some of the aviation materials I've collected over the years. About a dozen people responded and I owe a reply to most. I'm going to ask those special friends to be patient until December 1. In the meanwhile, I can always be reached by phone at (703) 264-8950 or by e-mail at I will be doing some communicating but there will be be a short delay in fulfilling some requests for disposal items.

I will respond to all requests for items for disposal on December 1 or sooner. I'm still looking for someone who wants the beautiful Schiffer history of the 25th Bomb Group or the monograph on the B-58 Hustler.

Summary: I'll be available on phone at all times but will be a little slow with other forms of communication. I do want you to call me on the phone, so don't hesitate to pick it up and punch in those numbers.

I'll be here.

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