Friday, January 8, 2016

Day Ninety-Five. Tumor Watch

Here's an update.

In October, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor known as a Glioblastoma Multiforme.

This type of tumor is always fatal. As one of my doctors, a sports fan, puts it, "It's undefeated."

Depending on what you read, and how you respond to the three forms of treatment -- surgery, radiation and chemo -- life expectancy generally runs from three months to fifteen.

I had brain surgery December 2 and completed radiation and chemo February 25.

So far, I've experienced no discomfort, pain, or side effects.

I've enjoyed sixty "straight" years of writing about the Air Force and aviation (interrupted only partially by a 25-year stint as a Foreign Service officer). No one ever had a greater privilege than to write about Americans who fly and fight. I've donated my archives and some cash to charities that I support, including the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum and the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). These groups honor veterans, educate young Americans and inspire the public.

My most popular book is "AIR POWER ABANDONED," the story of the F-22 Raptor, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, General T. Michael Moseley, and Gates' firing of the Air Force leadership.

My murder mystery, "CRIME SCENE: FAIRFAX COUNTY" was published in January. Both books can be gotten for Kindle, in print from Amazon, or,  preferably directly from me. Price per book when ordered from me is $22. All proceeds are donated to the Capital Wing if the Commemorative Air Force, a 501(c )(3) charity.

I'm still mostly me. The tumor affects my ability to type and my speech. My speech is fully understandable and I'm urging friends to call at (703) 264-8950. I can still think, read, converse, and be taken out to lunch.

I'm focusing on three projects -- getting our family's personal photos in order, publishing items on this blog about people who've influenced my life, and, yes, completing yet another crime novel.

I have wonderful support from a terrific family plus the comfort of knowing so many friends are out there. Thanks to you all.


(703) 264-8950

Robert F. Dorr
3411 Valewood Drive
Oakton VA 22124


  1. Bob, looking forward to seeing you in a few days, and can't wait to read your new book! Save me a copy, please. Glad to see your blog posts. Keep rolling!

  2. BOB, I adore you and all your writings!! As you already know. I am praying hard for you special novenas, the works, I know you don't believe too much in that stuff but I do and I won't give up. You are the consummate aviation historian, none better. Just keep rocking!! Love Jeannette

  3. There is hope with nutrition and intermittent fasting. Good luck.

  4. To a friend I never met goes my utmost honor and well wishes. I have long followed your writings and felt a connection with your love of Air Force and its history. It is just another sign of your character and grace that you've chosen to share this with your audience. A crisp salute and all the best to you Bob!

  5. Bob -- Glad you are still writing and I look forward to reading your F-22 book!