Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Habanero, Hitler and "Hitler's Time Machine"

Habanero is a good friend of ours who lives with Nate, another friend and supporter. 

Nate's a total aviation person. He's going to love my article about German jets coming in the June issue of WW II History magazine, He'll like my series on the century-series fighters on the Warbirds News site. But what's really neat about Habanero and Nate is that they share my love for alternate history, reflected in my new book, "Hitler's Time Machine."'

Here's our pal Habanero tuckered out after a weekend spent traveling back to the 1940s to visit Doggimus and attempting to learn the secrets of "Hitler's Time Machine". Habanero returned with insane stories of hiking his leg on Panzers and Stukas and pooping on Dr. Morley's front steps. Habanero met Hitler's dog, Blondi, and had unkind things to say.

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