Tuesday, December 8, 2015

News from Bob: second novel

After six decades of non-fiction, my first novel, an alternate history of World War II,  "HITLER'S TIME MACHINE," was published a year ago. Now, I'm seeking to complete my second novel, "CRIME SCENE: FAIRFAX COUNTY," a 1947 murder tale with the same series characters.

I have readers in interesting places. A bevy of Zumba students in Florida is special to  me. Our son Jerry Dorr is a key figure in that world. Our son Bob Dorr has also encouraged interest in my writing locally.

This time, the start is where I teach myself to use a computer keyboard, all over, for the first time. After brain surgery on December 2, I was unable to type "Bob" on the keys.

Some of it is coming back, today, Day Fifty Eight since my initial tumor symptoms.

I can almost type

Now, we'll see if I can write. Skip Dragon. I'm an author, not a typist.

"HITLER" was meant as great fun and has gotten a nice grab of Kindle adherents.

"CRIME SCENE" continues the adventure.

For sixty years in magazines, newspaper columns and books, I did a range of writing — supermarket tabloid fare; women's confessions stories and mens adventure magazine tales. I wrote of civil and commercial aviation.

But for me, from my first paid publication in November 1955, it was always about the Air Force.

Giving me undue flattery for calm amidst my medical issues, my wife Young Soon called me brave. I'm not.

But in the fraternity of Americans who fly and fight, I have walked among the bravest men who ever lived.

Sometimes, bravery can mean taking a difficult position in an office setting. Sometimes, you fly and fight.

It was my privilege to know those, oh-so-young 18-year-olds who climbed into freezing B-17 Flying Fortresses and flew over Nazi Germany,

I was in the Air Force in Korea in the 1950s, The sign read, "Welcome to Osan Air Base. You are at Freedom's Frontier." We were. I looked up at those gnarled hills and waited for the Chinese First Field Route Army to come pouring down at us.

As a correspondent accompanying the Air Force, I invaded Panama (1989), flew into Sarajevo under artillery siege (1990), joined history's greatest airlift for Desert Shield (1990) and was in real fighting up close in Somalia (1992). I've flown many of the great planes and hobnobbed with everyday airmen and great generals. It will always be about special breed of Americans who fly and fight.

In January the creative genius of Bob Deis and Wyatt Doyle will release "A HANDFUL OF HELL," a collection of my action stories from the 1960s and 1970s, It will give you a new look at an America that many of us lived in.

My own covers reflect the artistry of Victor Rook.

Look us up on the Facebook page "MEN'S ADVENTURE MAGAZINES."

With a new appreciation of family and friends, and of the beauty  of our world on this bright-lit Tuesday, I'm providing this update containing far too much of "me" and wanting much, much more from you. I'm able to talk on the phone — at (703) 264-8950 — and eager to hear what you're doing.

Oh, and that tumor? This kind doesn't go away.

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  1. I'm impressed that you're typing again. When I had chemo, I couldn't read for months. Writing and driving only came back after surgery. We're all pulling for you, Bob. Cancer is as much a mental game as a physical one, and you've got that knocked.